czwartek, 3 stycznia 2013

Co to jest fracking i jak niszczy środowisko naturalne?

Co to jest fracking i jak niszczy środowisko naturalne?

"So what is fracking, and who is getting fracked?
Hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking", is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. First, deep wells are drilled straight down through the aquifer. Next, millions of gallons of water laced with chemicals are pumped down, breaking apart the rock and freeing trapped natural gas along with other dangerous materials.
There are more than 27,000 wells in the US and each well uses 1-8 million gallons of water and 80-300 tons of chemicals each time it's fracked. However, only 4 states have robust drilling rules in place. Can you believe that the fracking industry remains exempt from Clean Water, Safe Drinking Water and Clean Air Acts, hazardous waste disposal, and other federal regulations?
Not only are companies dodging regulation and pumping a toxic cocktail of chemicals into the earth, but fracking operations are contaminating major water sources, speeding up climate change, and polluting our air. Communities across the country are living with these devastating impacts of fracking; that's why communities in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and other states are demanding that fracking be banned. In fact, Vermont has already banned fracking in the state."


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